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About Us

Word of Love & Faith Christian Center is a

church founded by Pastors Will and Maisha Grimes. In 2006, they began teaching bible studies in the homes of others and eventually in their own. They received diplomas from Rhema BCS in 2009. In 2012, they were called to start a church in their home and were ordained that same year. In 2014, they stepped out in faith and moved to a church building to continue what God has called them to do:


To preach and teach The Word

with simplicity

To train believers to walk in their authority

and take dominion over their lives

To lay hands on the sick and see them recover

 We believe in The Word of God, The Holy Trinity, Repentance, Salvation, Healing, Water Baptism,

The Holy Spirit(Ghost),The Gifts of The Spirit

(especially Speaking in Tongues and Prophesy),

Faith over science, Communion, Tithing,

Regular Church Attendance, Fellowship,

Praise & Worship, Prayer, Serving,

Discipleship and Women in Ministry

our pastors:
Pastor Will Grimes

(818) 200-5634


Pastor Maisha Grimes

(818) 200-5640